Cover Up Swimwear

Feel Comfortable in Your Skin with Our Range of Cover-Up Swimwear

While planning a trip to the beach is exciting, sometimes panic sets in when you realise that you don’t have swimwear to take along with you. If you have felt the dread at the thought of shopping for a bathing suit, you are not alone. Finding something comfortable that shows off your best assets, while camouflaging what you want to hide, is not easy, so some women give up and spend time at the beach in oversized clothing in an attempt to conceal what they perceive as flaws.

At Lu-May Exclusive Wear, we are advocates for body positivity and want every woman to feel beautiful, confident, and desirable. Having a healthy relationship with your body is sometimes challenging, but the right kind of clothing can help us begin to appreciate our own beauty and express it to the world. In terms of beachwear, Lu-May Exclusive Wear has a range of cover-up swimwear to suit any body type and style.

Because of our range of cover-up swimwear, you don’t have to stick with a shapeless one-piece bathing suit or a bikini that you feel exposes too much. The cover-up swimwear in our collection includes:

Tankinis that feature a tank top made from swimsuit material – ideal for women who want to cover their midsections.

Swim bottoms and skirts for when you’d like to show a little leg but conceal your bottom and upper thighs.

Sarongs that are wrapped around the part of your body you wish to keep hidden. Sarongs and lace cover-ups are gorgeous accessories for bikinis and one-piece swimsuits.

Swim dresses are comfortable to swim in and maintain an air of modesty, while accentuating your sun-kissed legs.

Regardless of your silhouette, we have a swimsuit to make you look and feel phenomenal. If you would like to keep up with our news and products, like us on Facebook or follow our Instagram page.

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