Cover-Up Swimwear – Tankinis

Why Tankinis Are a Clever Way to Cover Up

So, you’ve tried on all of the bikinis, the one-pieces, and the monokinis, and you’re just not satisfied with your summer look. Our buyers have done extensive research on what type of swimwear is both in style, in demand, and fits all body types. Many of our customers prefer sporting a tankini to cover up at the pool. Here’s why:

Most Flattering

Our tankini tops shape and support your body, giving you a very flattering silhouette. You don’t have to worry about your middle if this is an area that you’re conscious of. The ruffle effect creates the illusion of a flat tummy which everyone always welcomes.

Stylish and Comfortable

With adjustable straps, great support for your bust area, and full coverage of your stomach, you would think that we would need to compromise on style – not at all! Whether you’re into floral or palm-leaf prints, we have a tankini cover-up that suits each style preference in different colours and shades.

Best Cover-Up Swimwear

The tankini has all the benefits of a one-piece but without the awkward bathroom breaks. We’ve all been there, standing naked in a bathroom stall thanks to your one-piece costume and regretting your outfit decision immediately.

It Is Fun-Friendly

When looking for the perfect swimwear, we often forget about picking something that will stand the test of water bombs, crashing waves, and beach volleyball matches. The last thing you want is to tuck anything in or out in public, which is another reason why the tankini is perfect for an active day on the beach where you have the right cover-up.

Browse our online catalogue for more tankini styles and other cover-up swimwear. We have plenty of different styles that you can choose from that are perfect for the beach and by the pool.

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