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Colourful Bikinis That Suit a Rainbow Nation

South Africa is known for flaunting its detailed patterns and bold colours on runways across the world. We love these colourful designs, but it’s not always easy choosing a colour that suits your skin tone. Don’t worry, we have done the hard work for you.

Here are some tips on which colours look great on all of South Africa’s fashionistas, as well as suggestions of what you can buy online.


Fair to Light Skin

If your skin hasn’t gotten any vitamin D in some time, there’s a big chance that you’re still quite pale, and will wear different coloured bikinis at the start of your holiday compared to when you have already tanned a bit on South Africa’s beaches. Go for pastels, corals, or soft colours, such as light blue or pink. These colours really suit a light skin tone because there isn’t a huge contrast.


Medium Skin

Lucky you! Girls with a medium skin tone can wear any colour they want. Bright colours, such as scarlet, fuchsia, or lime green suit you, as they make you look even more tanned. Earth tones and metallics also look fabulous on medium skin tones, such as gold, camel, beige, or dark brown.

You can shop from our online catalogue for the latest bold colours – take your pick.


Dark Skin

It’s time to get bold with your swimwear. Statement’s like royal blue, bright yellow, or deep red look amazing on darker skin. When you have naturally beautiful dark skin, black or white bikinis are also a perfect choice.

If you fancy something different, why not try on a printed halter bikini or a plunging cut-out swimsuit? With your skin, you can wear the rainbow!

With Lu-May Swimwear, you can shop online for bikinis in every colour, and for every skin tone, so you don’t have to go from store to store to find the right fit. Shop at South Africa’s most stylish online swimwear store and stay on trend.

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