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Know the Latest Trends When You Buy Long Sleeve Tops

Fashion trends are as ever-changing as the seasons, at Lu-May we keep on top of all the latest trends and this season it’s time to buy long sleeve tops. Keeping up with what is trending in the fashion world can be an exhausting task that many may not have time for, our advice is to visit our shop where you are spoilt for choice in all the latest trends.


Buy Long Sleeve Tops That Are Trending

Wearing high-quality fashionable clothing makes it easier for everyone to look and feel great. The key is however to buy clothing items that will stay evergreen for at least a couple of seasons, let’s explore some of the latest trends before you buy long sleeve tops this winter.


The Round Neck.

The round neck styled top is a classic that never leaves the trend lists. It brings to mind the classic style of starlets like Audrey Hepburn from old-era Hollywood. In today’s more modern age, the round neck fits effortlessly into any style and occasion. Try out our gorgeous Phuket puff sleeve round neck blouse.


The Ribbed Top.

Buy Long Sleeve Tops | Latest Trends | Long Sleeve Tops

When you’re looking for that extra bit of flattering texture, look no further than a ribbed top. A ribbed top tends to be more fitted than your normal winter wear, but it is just as stretchy and comfortable. Our Regan ribbed V-neck long-sleeve top is the perfect example of combining elegance with comfort.


The Striped Top.

You can’t go wrong with the classics and that’s exactly the case with a striped shirt. Combining fun with fashion, the striped top should be number one on your shopping list. It is also a very diverse pattern; for example, you could go for thinner stripes, like with the Claudette striped trim long sleeve top, or thicker stripes, like with the Stellenbosch striped print long sleeve top. No matter what you choose, you are guaranteed to look your best when you are out and about for the day.


The Fun Print.

Think brighter colours and more eclectic patterns. For example, our Fiji patchwork blouse combines floral patterns with cute decorative patchwork sections. Our Risking It All Stripe Twist Top is another great example, combining, stripes and animal print with a neon pink border. Prints can be a fun and colourful way to add that little bit extra to any outfit this winter.


The Turtleneck.

The turtleneck has made a comeback and it is an easy way to stay warm and look great. You can find turtleneck long sleeve tops in almost every type of fabric including knitted sweaters for those extra cold days. A well-styled turtleneck can bring so much texture and uniqueness to your winter wardrobe, not to mention how flattering it can be. If you are looking for a stylish twist on the traditional turtleneck then look no further than our Vianna cutout blouse.

Adding to your closet this winter is easy when you buy long sleeve tops at Lu-May. Our collection of trendy long sleeve tops, knitwear and so much more will make it easy for you to stay trendy this winter. Visit our store today or shop online to buy long sleeve tops to take your style to the next level.

Remember, we offer nationwide shipping, so your top is guaranteed to get right to your doorstep.


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