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Animal Print Ladies Swimwear

3 Reasons Animal Print is Making a Comeback in Ladies’ Swimwear


The first time animal print popped up on the scene, it was a post-war 1920s fashion trend, designed to be daring in a world that is dull and full of beige and neutrals. Today, animal print is back and especially popular with ladies’ swimwear brands.


What is it about the stripes and spots that allows this trend to keep reappearing on the fashion scene, though? Why is animal print so popular with ladies’ swimwear, and what does it say about you if you’re a little animal-print obsessed?


  1. It’s Timeless Because It’s (Still) Relevant


Back in the 1920s, this fashion trend was worn by everyone – from the royal to the not-so-royal, the younger and the older. Believe it or not, but the same applies today. Women who used to wear animal print are the same women wearing animal print today. The fact is that women who love wearing these prints all have a subtle hint of wildness to their femininity.


  1. For the Young and More Mature Felines


Shopping for swimwear can be a daunting experience, especially for us ladies. As women, we’re often way too critical on our looks. However, going for an animal print swimsuit is the perfect way to demolish what you think you don’t have (or do) and make a statement that will have anyone admiring your inner wild creature. When wearing animal print, it’s not about your age or body shape, it’s about your aura – so wear it proudly and let your inner wildness shine through!


  1. It’s Bold, Classy, and Anything You Want It to Be!


Ladies swimwear trends have been minimalistic, full of patterns, neutral and even a little frilly. Today we encourage all women to embrace their boldness, keep it classy and sophisticated, while opening the door to the endless possibilities that a feline can be. If straight-up leopard print is not for you, try adding a dash of colour with our blue animal print swimsuits, available for purchase here.


Join us in bringing the 1920s to 2020!


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