5 Reasons Women Shop Swimwear at Lu-May Exclusive Wear

Online Shops: 5 Reasons Women Shop Swimwear at Lu-May Exclusive Wear


Summer might be on its way out, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a new bikini or full piece. Every year around March the price of swimwear drops, which means it’s the ideal time to grab all those fantastic deals, sales and discounts available in-store. Shopping online provides even better prices, as online shops have minimal overheads to pay, like salaries and rentals, and can afford giveaway prices all year long.

Most Women Know Their Measurements

However, unlike buying a classic LBD online, swimwear comes with its own unique set of challenges. Around 80% of women often get their bra cup, bikini top and full-piece size wrong because they do not know their correct measurements, or the skills required to select the right fit, cut and style for their body type. For instance, most women with smaller busts do not know that buying a large size top gives the illusion of a larger bust or that a one-piece swimsuit with side cutouts gives the illusion of a smaller waist and a curvy figure.

Big Box Shops Lack Advice and Sizing Charts

Big Box in-store brands do not provide advice or the correct sizing charts to help women make the right choices. With brick-and-mortar downscaling—unless you’re visiting an exclusive boutique, you will not get the right help you deserve. The fluorescent lights in those tiny cubicles are also far from helpful, always highlighting the things we dislike most about our body. Here’s why so many women turn to online swimwear shops like Lu-May Exclusive Wear for their apparel, accessories, lingerie—and latest international swimwear ranges:

1. Sizing: Lu-May’s online shop directs you to a sizing guide, ensuring your precise measurements.
2. Easy Returns: We provide excellent customer support with no-fuss returns.
3. Payment and Delivery: Delivery is free, and payments are safe.
4. Blog: Our blog contains tips and hacks to help women select the best styles for their body type.
5. Variety of brands, styles and sizes: We stock endless swimwear brands and carry unlimited stock.

What are you waiting for? Visit Lu-May Exclusive Wear—one of South Africa’s leading online swimwear shops.

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