Floral Maxi Dresses

Here’s How to Wear Your Floral Maxi Dress This Winter

Winter is fast approaching, so it is time to tuck away all of the colourful, summery clothes you love to wear in the warmer months. With floral maxi dresses currently trending worldwide, you may have spotted one you would like to purchase, but don’t see the point just before winter. The fantastic news is that these garments are not reserved for spring and summer – you can wear them throughout all the seasons if you know how to accessorise them right.

Some people believe that winter is the time to break out the heavy coats in dull and drab shades of grey. While there is no problem with items of clothing in muted colours, pairing them up with vibrant, floral maxi dresses adds an element of flirty fun that should not get left behind in summer.

Steps to Accessorising Floral Maxi Dresses

Step 1: Select the base of your outfit – in this case, the dress (preferably long-sleeved). Autumn and winter trends are perfect when it comes to layering clothing.

Step 2: Select one to two layers of something warm. Whether a wool jersey or leather coat (or both), make sure that you don’t get cold. These layers look best when in solid colours without a pattern or print, as the flowery print on your dress is already a statement piece.

Step 3: Select your shoes. Floral maxi dresses look great when paired with knee-high boots. Long socks or stockings will protect your legs from the winter chill.

Step 4: Complete your look with a scarf, earrings, or knitted hat.

Keep your winter closet fun and fresh this season by adding a little spring vitality to the mix. Wrap up in style by ordering your own maxi dress for delivery or browse through our online catalogue for stunning, well-crafted apparel.

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